Valiquette family portraits in the buttercups!

Spring has arrived at the farm and  I always LOVE sessions in the buttercups!  The Valiquettes are such a relaxed, sweet family and Sylvie is absolutely adorable.  Turk, the new puppy, is only 4 months old but very well-behaved with Sylvie.  He loved the farm, running all around with Blake.  What a fun afternoon!980 Valiquette IMG_3775

980 Valiquette IMG_3584

980 Valiquette IMG_3707980 Valiquette IMG_3610

980 Valiquette IMG_3944

Look at Turk’s face! I’d say that’s a HAPPY dog!

980 Valiquette IMG_3739980 Valiquette IMG_3797980 Valiquette IMG_3567980 Valiquette IMG_3655980 Valiquette IMG_3661980 Valiquette IMG_3835980 Valiquette IMG_3855980 Valiquette IMG_3859980 Valiquette IMG_3863980 Valiquette IMG_3864980 Valiquette IMG_3935980 Valiquette IMG_3937980 Valiquette IMG_3939980 Valiquette IMG_3945

980 Valiquette IMG_3827980 Valiquette IMG_3951980 Valiquette IMG_3968980 Valiquette IMG_3593980 Valiquette IMG_3669980 Valiquette IMG_3833980 Valiquette IMG_3887980 Valiquette IMG_3915980 Valiquette IMG_3922

980 Valiquette IMG_3925


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