Snow.  It has caused lots of problems lately for so many people across the country.  But I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine… this is going to be a LONG post……..

Fox Farms is in Waxhaw, NC~ home to a menagerie of animals such as horses, miniature horses, llamas, dogs, and a donkey named Tina…

And of course there was some sledding and a few violent snowball fights… and some close calls on the zip line…

I don’t know why my nephew, Evan, always looks at me and smiles when he’s speeding down the hills.  ????

This is my mom.  Let’s just say that she probably shouldn’t be doing this but she couldn’t resist!

And here is my sister, Lauren…

This is the most depressing image.  By 2:00 the sleds were like boats run aground.  Nothing but mud left.  Except the memories and pictures!

Until next time!


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