Opportunity of a Lifetime: 3 Days with Denis Reggie and Joe Buissink

This kind of opportunity is like a surreal dream~ one of those “Pinch me!  This can’t be happening!” moments in life.  It was my privilege to study photography with two of the great master photographers in the world:  Denis Reggie and Joe Buissink.  Denis graciously opened his beautiful house (and wine cellar!) to 11 photographers, making us feel right at home.  One participant even came all the way from Honolulu!  The others were from Canada, Colorado, Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, and North Carolina.  I’m so thankful I got to spend time with such creative and talented people.  It was energizing!  I would definitely recommend this workshop to wedding photographers.

Denis Reggie is THE father of wedding photojournalism~  documenting a wedding without directing or interfering with the flow of the event.  Keeping it REAL, with very few posed or set-up shots. His passion for authentic moments and beautiful lighting sets his photography apart from all others.  A true Southern gentleman, Denis wined and dined us.  He shared his wisdom~ the kind of invaluable experience you get from photographing over 1,800 weddings in 33 years.  Just in case you’ve never heard of Denis, here are a few credentials:  Named “the best in the business” by Oprah Winfrey;  earned numerous awards and accolades; and has photographed over 20 Kennedy weddings, including JFK Jr.’s wedding to Carolyn Bessette (remember that famous picture of John kissing Carolyn’s hand on the steps of the chapel?  Yes, he took that one!)  In fact, Ted Kennedy was Denis’ brother-in-law.  Imagine our shock and sadness when we heard that Senator Kennedy had passed away on Wednesday morning, the last day of our workshop.  Denis was the consummate gentleman, continuing to teach even though I’m sure he had much more important things on his mind.  It was a true honor to learn from him and I will be forever grateful!

blog reggie IMG_6032

Joe Buissink is all heart~ it’s about emotion and connection.  He was an open book, sharing his heart with us and driving home the point that wedding photography is about capturing the fleeting moments that make each wedding unique and REAL.  Joe speaks from experience:  he has photographed the weddings of many celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Applegate, Christina Aguilera, Kelsey Grammer, and Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe.  Joe has a wonderful sense of humor and “joy of life”~ evident in his project  “le Bulldog in Beverly Hills”.  He gave his time and talents to promote Autism awareness~ so near and dear to MY heart also~ in the book Autism Heroes.  I appreciate Joe’s enthusiasm and passion!

blog reggie IMG_6031

We had a beautiful bride to torture photograph!  😉  She was so patient with us!  I’ve also heard that she’s a GREAT cook!

blog reggie IMG_6050

BIB bride

blog reggie IMG_6035

blog reggie cropped IMG_6067

It wasn’t all serious learning and shooting~ Tanya Odom got a few “holes-in-one” on Denis’ putting green.


Thanks again to Denis and Joe for your hospitality and passion!  I come away from our time together with renewed energy!


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