Nick & Ellie~ Virginia Tech Engagement

Ellie and Nick met at Virginia Tech~ A perfect match made in heaven!  They have so much in common, both majoring in Engineering and living in the same dorm.  They even attended the same church and Nick was so smart, offering to drive Ellie every Sunday (earning extra points with Ellie’s parents!  🙂  It was the obvious choice to take their engagement pictures where it all began at Virginia Tech:  In front of the gazebo at the Duck Pond where Nick first asked Ellie out on a date, on the front steps of the HRC where they lived, and enjoying a picnic on the Drill Field.  Ellie’s grandmother made the wedding ring quilt that they sat on.  What a perfect, sentimental touch!  This is just the beginning of Ellie and Nick’s love story!  Check back soon for their wedding pictures!

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