It’s time for some farm pictures!

Whenever I need an attitude adjustment, I hang out at the farm.  Works every time…

Mom decided she needed 2 llamas.  Why?  I have no idea, but they fit right in with all the other animals-paso fino horses, miniature horses, a mini donkey, a goat, and a sheep.  Check out the category: “The Farm”  to see more pictures of the “menagerie”-

Here’s Lulu (AKA Prairie Flower)

I had a staring contest with this llama, Lillian (AKA Sabrina).  She was the easiest animal to photograph- by far!  She froze when I walked up with my camera for at least 5 minutes- like a llama statue!  I think she thought she was invisible as long as she stood perfectly still!

And there was a wild monkey running around at the farm tonight: my 18 mo old nephew!
It was nearly impossible to capture this illusive creature on “film”-

We were able to observe him in his natural habitat, eating acorns and leaves.


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