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My handsome nephew, Evan, is TWO years old! And now that he’s so old, he’s off to the jobsite to earn his keep and help pay the bills. What a work ethic this little fella has! He spent most of his party hard at work- hammering everything in sight- and making sure that all of his tools were in working order. Don’t mind the drool!


My sister, Evan’s mom, did a great job as the project manager of this party.  Each attendee was assigned the appropriate job; for ex. Evan was the “Head Honcho”, Roman was the Food Services Supervisor, and Peepop was the Porta-Jon Inspector. He made a few dirty comments about the “boulders” on top of the cake- see below:



Redneck racing in the driveway- the next best thing to Nascar! Evan gave everybody a run for their money with his new souped-up Spiderman big wheel:



Every birthday party needs a pinata- so Evan’s dad, Travis, really came through with a “Redneck Pinata”!  Here’s the story…about an hour before the party, Travis decided that there was a branch in a tree that looked dead and needed to come down RIGHT NOW. It could be dangerous on the jobsite, so he connected a rope to an arrow, intending to shoot the arrow over the limb and then he could pull down the dead branch. Well… the arrow got stuck in the tree… POINTING DOWN… which means that if it got loose it might hit someone on the head. Right before everyone arrived, Travis tried to shoot it down with his SHOTGUN… but it was STUCK. So after dinner everyone took a little break to watch Travis climb a ladder about 25 feet into the air to try to dislodge the arrow from the tree with a LONG pole- hence: the pinata! It was very suspenseful… there were many tense moments that high off the ground… but he still couldn’t get the arrow out of the tree. Maybe because it was DARK?  Here’s a picture to prove that I DIDN’T MAKE THIS UP!  Remember, this IS North Carolina!


Then it was back to business- CAKE TIME! Don’t mind that steady stream of drool….  😉

blog-evan-img_6728blog-evan-img_6588Have you ever seen such a cute face before in your life???

Here are the grandkids:



Fun was had by ALL!  Happy Birthday Evan!

{Contact me if you would like me to photograph YOUR child’s birthday}


Neigh Neigh - That is the greatest yet!!!!! Hysterically funny and absolutely accurate! GREAT job!!

lauren - You captured the day perfectly! What a great party…I think that Evan will never forget it (and neither will we!). And good that you didn’t cut Travis too much slack…he didn’t deserve it, and I think he owes me a GREAT Valentine’s present..don’t you??!! What great pictures all around. Maybe next year Evan won’t be so juicy. Love, L

Janice Pardue - Whitney, you did a great job and thanks for taking the pictures. I will be ordering some from you. Janice

Brandon - Awesome pictures! Happy birthday “Little E” – You sure know how to throw a birthday party! Maybe Evan won’t be so “moist” on his next birthday. His first girlfriend better hope that he grows out of that :) I sure hope I get some of those brown things on my next birthday cake (of course, they should be inspected first by PeePlop).

Taylor - Whitney, you do such beautiful work in capturing life’s most fantastic moments! Again, you capture the kids in their most perfect light! You are truely talented, Love. I wish I had been able to make it to Little Man’s birthday extravaganza so that I could see my non-biological family.

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