After 8 years of having the same website, it was time to change things up!  Little did I know how much work it was going to be!  Whew~ It was painful like childbirth and I’m so happy to be finished with the year-long project.  The process was enlightening.  It forced me to do some soul-searching:  WHY am I bothering to take pictures?  What’s the point?  It all boils down to this:  Pictures MATTER.  As I went through my portfolio, I relived so many little moments.  I thought of the people I have photographed, remembering their smiles and the conversations we had.  I wondered how they are doing today.  The wedding images brought back memories of each special couple and the small details of their wedding day.  Many of them have children now!  So many people I’ve been fortunate to meet over the past 8 years in business!

My challenge is to create images that feel like you can reach out and touch your loved ones.  It’s almost like time travel: Pictures can take us back in time and remind us how small our children once were; how braces changed our son’s smile; how our grandmother loved to hug us tight; how it felt to be a bride, seeing my future husband at the altar.  Memories like these are even more precious when the people are no longer here with us.  So that’s WHY I take pictures.

These family pictures are priceless to me.

Many thanks to Rachel Ashcraft of Rachel Red Photography for these pictures of my family!  And thanks to Tim Bogert of XBrands

Charlotte photographer_0003 Charlotte photographer_0002Charlotte photographer_0004Charlotte photographer_0006

To schedule your portrait session, call me at 704-907-2008 or email me at whitneygrayphotography@live.com.  I’d love to photograph you and the people you love.




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