Baby Reese~ 1st Birthday Portraits

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS REESE!  Just look at these smiles!  Such a happy baby, even though it was only about 45 degrees outside!  Reese gets her fantastic expressions from her mother, Taylor~ one of my favorite brides of all time.  980 Reese IMG_8040980 Reese IMG_8071980 Reese IMG_8081980 Reese IMG_8088980 Reese IMG_8101980 Reese IMG_8202980 Reese IMG_8267980 Reese IMG_8278980 Reese IMG_8407

Even Jade had to kiss the baby!

Even Jade had to kiss the baby!

980 Reese IMG_8513980 Reese IMG_8611980 Reese IMG_8631

980 Reese IMG_8729980 Reese IMG_8700980 Reese IMG_8711980 Reese IMG_8748980 Reese IMG_8750

980 ABW Reese IMG_8639


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