Andy~ 2013 Senior!

Andy wanted something different for his senior pictures: photos playing his guitar!  Andy’s love of classic rock is refreshing: Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd!  His mom says that she will always remember him playing his guitar at this age.  Since concert/performance photography is one of my favorite genres (as some of you already know  🙂 )  I really enjoyed shooting creatively at my studio, AKA The Warehouse.  We played with lighting and shot many different looks for variety.  Andy is a very polite, intelligent young man and such a joy to photograph.  I look forward to photographing him on a big stage someday.  (Although his band will be a hobby- For his day job, he’ll be a pastor or a doctor, I bet. 🙂


Going for a 70’s vibe on this one.

Then we went to a park for some natural shots…


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