A Summer Wedding at the Raleigh Rose Garden and Flanders Art Gallery

Jami & Neal were married on June 26 at the Raleigh Rose Garden and it was my privilege to assist Tanya Od0m.  My mission was to get detail shots of the day.  What a beautiful wedding with the most luscious flowers by Suzanne Page with Dragonfly Designs.  I was in heaven!  All the best to Jami & Neal~ A beautiful beginning to a blessed union.


blog wed cropped IMG_2829

blog wed cropped IMG_2846

blog wed IMG_2886

blog wed cropped IMG_2901

Jami’s parents look on…

blog wed cropped IMG_2864

“We are actually getting MARRIED!!”

blog wed cropped IMG_2904

Here is Jami’s first hug from her mother-in-law…

blog wed cropped IMG_2912

Lots of fanning and water was needed~ it was HOT!!

blog wed IMG_2925

blog wed IMG_2944

How could I resist taking a picture of this pretty little girl?

blog wed cropped IMG_2819

And these pretty girls too?

blog wed IMG_2837

And last but not least, this pretty girl…

blog wed cropped IMG_2924

blog wed IMG_2936

The reception was held at the Flanders Art Gallery on Seaboard Avenue in Raleigh.  The gorgeous setting was perfect for a delicious dinner.  WOW~ what beautiful paintings on every wall!  Normally, I wouldn’t share so many pictures of a location with no people in the pictures, but I just have to show you.  The colors were so light and summery.  This place was incredible!

blog wed IMG_2974

blog wed IMG_2952

blog wed IMG_2963

blog wed IMG_2961

blog wed cropped IMG_2954

blog wed cropped IMG_3035

blog wed IMG_3048

blog wed cropped IMG_2990

blog wed cropped IMG_2971

And I’ll end with a few roses from the garden…

blog wed IMG_2791blog wed IMG_2794Congratulations Jami and Neal!


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