~365 Nights~A Memoir of Intimacy by Charla Muller~

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from You Magazine (Great Britain’s version of Parade Magazine– an insert in the Sunday paper which goes to ALL of Great Britain), wanting to commission me to take photos for a feature article on the author, Charla Muller… I thought, surely someone is playing an early April Fool’s joke on me!  But it was no joke-

Charla wrote a WONDERFUL book, 365 Nights~A Memoir of Intimacy on a very… hmmm shall we say –interesting– subject:  For her husband’s 40th birthday, she gave him sex every day for one year.  But before you start snickering, the book is actually G-rated and FUNNY. It’s about intimacy and marriage, discussing the very real challenges of keeping a relationship going when you are a typical, middle-aged couple with children. How many of us women can honestly see ourselves in this excerpt?

“Why is it that I, and many women I know, can’t say no to the PTA, church, children’s theater, neighborhood association, or soccer club, but we can say no to our husbands day in and day out? My girlfriend says she wakes up each morning and has to decide who she’s going to be today- PTA Mom, Carpooler, Designer and Small Business Owner, Laundress/Maid, Cook, and so on.  “I never wake up and decide, ‘Today is the day I’m going to be a Wife.'”              from 365 Nights by Charla Muller

Hmmm… now that’s something to think about!

Charla’s book has taken off across the WORLD- just this week it’s #10 on the bestseller’s list in Switzerland! She has been on Oprah, The View, CNN, and The Today Show and interviewed by countless newspapers and magazines, including People Magazine. She has written a Bible Study discussion guide- yes, ladies, this is biblical- and is available to speak to Bible Study groups, book clubs, and women’s groups. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Charla and her husband, Brad, and I count this experience as one of the highlights of my photography journey! I will be posting the actual article when it comes out in a few weeks. MANY thanks to Melissa Melvin, Stylist Extraordinaire, for going above and beyond as usual. Thanks so much to You Magazine for the opportunity!



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